“It is with great enthusiasm that I write this review about the resume  and cover letter Juliana wrote for me. Although, I used the career service for my school ( Baruch college) my resume was a very boring document, it need more details and industry related words. Juliana offered to take a look at my resume and immediately made some incredible changes. She changed the layout to a more modern and easy to read format, she also rearrange the order of the information to make comprehensive and easy to follow. She added numerical figures that my interviewer loved. After the review, I had a completely different resume that help me to get several interviews and ultimately a job. Thank you very much Juliana.”

– Sarah R., Sales Associate at Direct TV: Brooklyn, NY

“Juliana es increíble, no conseguía trabajo por que mi ingles escrito no es muy bueno, una amiga me recomendó a Juliana y después de arreglarlo, las compañías me empezaron a llamar para entrevistas, y hoy ya tengo un trabajo.”

– Maria L., Bookeper: LIC, NY

“Juliana helped me with my resume when I couldn’t find a job. She helped me even prepare for interviews. After working together, companies started calling to interview me. Thank you Juliana!”

– Ximena I., Scheduling Manager at Berlitz Language Center: Westchester, NY

“En esta economia, las cosas entran por los ojos y la primera forma de destacarte es el resumè. Yo tenia el mio y llenaba todas  las aplicaciones para trabajo, pero nadie me llamaba, no comprendia el por quė no tenia exito. RightFont me ayudo con mi resume poniendo todas las cosas necesarias para poder que me empezaran a llamar. Ahora tengo un muy buen trabajo, me siento muy contento de haber usado sus servicios y conocimiento.”

– Andres I., Dentista Internacional: Jackson Heights, NY

“I am foreign dentist, and in the country that I came from, Colombia,  positions usually require a very long curriculum vitae (CV) for professionals. Juliana helped me to compact my three pages into one perfect résumé with all my past experiences. The cover letter is usually a headache to write,  but she helped me to make an excellent one.

Now, I’m extremely happy to be working in my field here in the states. Thanks to Juliana.”

– Fernando A., DDS: Astoria, NY

“I am extremely satisfy with Juliana Marulanda’s services. She helped me build an outstanding resume that landed me the job. I am college graduated and considering how competitive the aviation industry is, got called within a few weeks. Now, I am working for the Federal Aviation Administration and couldn’t be happier.”

– Elideth H., LGA Aviation Tech: NY, NY

 “Encontrar un trabajo es muy difícil en estos tiempos. La competición es increíble y tener un buen resume es la llave para obtener un buen empleo. Yo contrate los servicios de RightFont para que me ayudara a tener el mejor resume para el trabajo que quería. Estoy muy satisfecha porque me llamaran en unas semanas para darme una entrevista. Ahora estoy trabajando para el gobierno. Gracias Julie por tus servicios!”

– Teresa S., San Diego Airport Systems Engineer: San Diego, NY


“When I met Juliana to help me with my resume, I never thought that she will be so much involved in the process. She spent hours helping me to compact my resume to just 2 pages! I thought that my resume was well done and it would it take just a few changes here and there. After she finished my CV, I was truly impressed and I end up with an excellent job. She devoted time preparing me for the interview. Thanks so much Juliana for the dedication and effort in helping me have a superior and structured document to present to my interviewers.”

– A.L., Maintenance Director of Avalon Properties: Westchester County, NY